The overview of the 2019 IMPACTS conference in London, which took place on the 2-4 October 2019 is almost ready – it was an exciting and inspiring conference. Under the headline “Planning for growth in times of uncertainty” topics like planning processes, regulation and pricing, new strategies for public transport in a growing city or new mobility offers were discussed in different formats like plenary sessions, panel discussions and site visits. As usual the General Assembly of the IMPACTS members took place on the last day of the conference.

Download the detailed programme of the conference here.

Conference Agenda


Keynote Planning for London's Growth in Uncertain Times

Lucinda Turner

TfL. London

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Session 1 - Dealing with uncertainty in planning and transport

The Berlin Mobility Act as key tool for sustainable transport”

Ingmar Streese

Permanent Secretary for Transport, Berlin

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Just approved: the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) for Rome

Fabio Nussio

Mobility Agency of Rome, Rome

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Scenario planning for uncertainty

Simon Nielsen

TfL, London

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Session 2 - Regulation and pricing – indispensable tools for the necessary change?

Parking policies as a key instrument for traffic planning

Rupert Wimmer

Department of civil engineering, Zurich

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Sharing platforms: role of the government

Tom Groot

Policy Advisor Mobility & Public Space, Amsterdam

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Tariff scheme of Barcelona: present and future of public and private transport

Adrià Gomila

Mobility Services Director of Barcelona, Barcelona

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City centre ban for Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV) and the consequences for inner city traffic

Brendan O’Brien

Environment & Transportation Department, Head of technical services (traffic), Dublin

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Site Visit hosted by British Land

Presentation to come

Roger Madelin

British Land

Session 3 - Walking seminar – public transport as backbone of sustainable transport in growing cities, the London experience

Presentation to follow from London Legacy Development Company

London Legacy Development Company, London

Session 4 - New mobility offers and their contributions to sustainable transport

Autonomous Driving: Today’s questions for a livable tomorrow

Angelika Winkler

Deputy Head of Department for Urban Planning and Transport Planning, Vienna

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Parking of free floating bike and scooter sharing

Claude Dargent

Member of the Paris City Council, President of the commission for public space, Paris

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Cross border public transport ticketing

Andrei Novikov

Deputy Mayor for City Planning and Public Transport, Tallinn

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Social charter “Uber and Amsterdam“

Senta Modder

Head of policy and research department Mobility & Public Space, Amsterdam

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