Smart Transport Applications Designed for large events with Impacts on Urban Mobility

Start date:   2009
End date:     2012
Budget:    €6,246,822
Funding:   €3,998,820

The project is funded by the 7th Framework Programme for Research and Development of the European Commission’s DG Research.


The STADIUM project aims to improve the performance of transport services and systems made available for large events hosted by big cities. The project demonstrates Intelligent Transport System (ITS) applications at three major events:

  • South Africa World Cup (2010),
  • India Commonwealth Games (2010), and
  • London Olympics (2012).

These events attract both local visitors and a worldwide audience. In addition to visitors’ trips, Mobility Managers have to consider the transport needs of employees, VIPs, players, performers etc. as well as the general logistics (catering, deliveries…).

The type of transport services needed for large events depends on the complexity of the event and the requirements of the international organisational bodies (e.g. IOC, FIFA etc.) that choose the host cities.  The local ambitions and objectives (e.g. regarding sustainability, desired legacy etc.) then set the scene for the mobility management strategies to be developed.

The outcome of the project will be an integrated handbook to support all parties involved in the organisation of transport services for large events.

A reference group of experienced cities will cooperate with a group of cities that are currently preparing for the organisation of major events (e.g. Glasgow, Warsaw, Kiev, Milano…).

Partners include:

  • ISIS, Italy (coordinator)
  • Impacts Europe, France
  • Ertico, Belgium
  • Transport for London, UK
  • ATAC – Rome Mobility Agency, Italy
  • NEA, Netherlands
  • THETIS, Italy
  • Mizar Automazione, Italy
  • Pluservice, Italy
  • Polis, Belgium
  • Technical University Berlin, Germany
  • MultiMedia InnoVation, South Africa
  • SAHA, South Africa
  • SIAM, India
  • Indivelop, India
  • Ashok Leyland, India
  • CSIR, South Africa


Maurizio Tomassini, ISIS - (coordination)
Ivo Cré, Polis – (dissemination manager)
Monica Giannini, Pluservice –  (coordination South African demonstration)
Paolo Squillante, Thetis – (coordination Indian demonstration)
Erica Mullally, TfL –  (coordination London demonstration)