"PLUME" was the acronym for Planning and Urban Mobility in Europe. It was a project funded by DG Research of the European Commission in the framework of the programme "City of tomorrow"

Budget:       €1,686,004
Funding:      €642,885   (50%).
Start date:   November 2002
End date:     April 2005.

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PLUME built on the work of existing EC projects addressing issues of Land-Use and Mobility Planning together with key international, national and regional projects in this field.  National governments, end users and independent experts were involved.  Specific actions covered:

  • User needs and barriers to implementation,
  • Identification and synthesis of solutions,
  • State of the art review,
  • Benchmarking,
  • Dissemination,
  • Development and Implementation of Exploitation Plans.


  • To facilitate the transfer of innovation in the field of integrated land-use and mobility planning from the research community to local experts in the cities of Europe in order to improve urban quality of life.
  • To achieve this by means of a wide-ranging review of international and national research and close interaction between researchers and end-users, facilitated by experts.
  • To ensure wide exploitation of the work of the network.

Structure and methodology

As a network, PLUME involves an important number of partners. It is structured as follows :

Plume Schematic

  1. The co-ordinator (TTR)
  2. The Project Group led by ITS-Leeds, to analyse the interest and the transferability of the research and provide a synthesis. The group was formed of Research laboratories and Consultants that participated to the former “LUTR” projects, and an open list for interested scientists.
  3. The Exploitation Group, led by ISIS was mainly composed of experts from Central Administrations and Local Authorities and academics.
  4. The Users Group included associations of Local Authorities and Cities. IMPACTS Europe was represented in the Users Group.
  5. The Advisory Group formed of well known experts of the domain.

PLUME Deliverables

Public Deliverables File type
Deliverable 4 First Annual State-of-the-Art Review PDF

Synthesis Report: Walking and cycling as solutions


Synthesis Report: Strategy Development


Synthesis Report: Land Use Planning Measures


Synthesis Report: Environmental problems


Synthesis Report: Economic Problems


Synthesis Report: Urban Sustainability and its Appraisal

Deliverable 5 Report on End User Needs, Barriers and Gaps PDF
Deliverable 6 Final Exploitation Plan PDF
Deliverable 8 Second Annual State-of-the-Art Review PDF

Synthesis Report: Infrastructure Provision


Synthesis Report: Public Participation


Synthesis Report: Social Aspects


Synthesis Report: Travel Demand Management


Synthesis Report: Implementation


Synthesis Report: Urban Freight Transport Measures


Synthesis Report: Pricing

Deliverables 10 Third Annual State-of-the-Art Review PDF
Deliverable 11 PLUME Final Report PDF