Documentation Centre

Road Safety
European Road Safety Action Program : communication from the commission
25 000 lives to save : EU Road Safety Charter leaflet
European Road Safety Charter
Saving 20 000 lives on our Road : EU Commission brochure
OCDE : Road Safety : impact of new technologies
Sustainable Mobility
European Commission : Green paper on sustainable mobility or doing more with less (06/05)
European Policy Centre : 12 prescriptions for a european sustainable mobility policy (02/05)
T&E : Input to Environment Council debate on Sustainable Road Transport
CEMR : Unpopular measures for more sustainable mobility
OCDE : Can cars come clean ?
Transport Policy
EU DG Energy & Transport (TREN) : organization chart
EU DG Regional Policy : organization chart
EU Commission : White Paper : European Transport policy for 2010
World Bank : Urban Transport Sector Strategy Review
World Bank : public and private sector roles in the supply of transport infrastructure and services : operational guidance for World Bank staff by Paul Amos
T&E : Smart thinking to restart European transport policy
Passengers' rights
European Commission : special barometer : june 2005
Urban Freight Delivery
OCDE : Delivering the goods
BESTUFS : "Freight Logistics in Small and Medium Sized Cities: Approaches, Solutions and Success Factors", Minutes of the 3rd BESTUFS II Workshop,Kaposvar, Hungary, 29-30 September 05
Vulnerable Travellers
OCDE : Ageing and Transport
OCDE : keeping children safe in traffic (full document 2004)
OCDE : keeping children safe in traffic (executive summury 2005)
National & Local Monographs

Implementing Sustainable Urban Travel Policies.  National Peer Review: Hungary (external link)