Quito 04 - Presentations

Message from Ms. Laurence DOUVIN, Impacts Europe president, by Dr. Frédy WITTWER, Vice-President

Introduction to Impacts North America & NACTO, Ms. Patrice GILLESPIE-SMITH, Seattle, USA, Vice- President of IMPACTS North America

IMPACTS ten years history, Mr. Jean-Louis GRAINDORGE, Impacts Europe

IMPACTS Europe Research activities, Mr. Jean-Louis GRAINDORGE, Impacts Europe

Transport Research European Programmes, Mr. Pierre SCHMITZ, Brussels

Cooperating with Latin America, Focus on Quito-Geneva, Mr. Marcelo NARVAEZ, Head, Traffic Unit, Quito

Mobility Challenges in Latin American Cities

Chiclayo, a sustainable city (Presentation 1 & Presentation 2), Mr. Arturo CASTILLO, Mayor of Chiclayo

Participation of the private sector in the Quito Public Transport corridors, Mr. Hildalgo NUNEZ, Director, Metropolitan Transport and Traffic Directorate, Quito

Environmental Measures, Ing. Jorge OVIEDO, President, Association for the Improvement of Air Quality (CORPAIRE)

Examples of Experiences in Latin American Cities

Speech , Mr. Mauro MENDES COSTA, Federal District Secretary of Transport

CALI (Columbia)
Integrated Transport System (Presentation1 & Presentation2), Mr German ARBOLEDA VELEZ, City Planning Department

SAO PAULO (Brasil)
Integrated Transport System, Mr. Diogo DE MARCO, Technical Advisor, Secretariat of Transport

MEDELLIN (Columbia)
City projects dealing with transport, Dr. Jose Fernando ANGEL, Secretary for Transport & Traffic

Transport & Mobility Programme 2001-2006

Strategy Plan
Municipality programme

Cooperation between Universities

Cooperation among universities, Prof. Alberto VITERI, Central University of Quito, director EMSAT