Executive Committee Meeting

Washington DC, 2 October 2002




1° News from Impacts Europe


Laurence DOUVIN  thanked Andrea d’AMATO, Miguel d’ESCOTO and the representatives of New York City for their great involvement that contributed  to  the success of the Scanning Tour and the Impacts 7th Conference.


She explained that IMPACTS EUROPE is currently focusing on three main issues :


§         Enlargement of Membership :  Amsterdam( Netherlands) is interested and contacts with Lisbon (Portugal), and Eastern  Europe Cities as well with. two Israeli Cities are in progress.


§         Update of the Impacts Web site : all Cities should provide information relative to remarkable aspects of their mobility policy and the main issues they have to address. The site should be provided with information relative to European Cities as well to U.S. Cities as far as they could be interested.


Ilan JURAN proposed to establish a link to the renewed NACTO Web site and to the Polytechnic Urban ITS Center. Links should be also organized with TRB and the US Conference of Mayors. .


§         The next IMPACTS EUROPE Conference will be hosted by Barcelona at the end of February 2003. Latin American Ciities will be invited to participate. It It was agreed to focus on Transport policies concerning “Two wheels and Two legs” which mainly refers to pedestrians, bicyclists and motor bikers.





§         Andrea d’AMATO and Miguel d’ESCOTO reported the wish of the NACTO Members Cities to go on cooperating with the Member Cities of Impacts Europe on the basis of an annual conference.


They would like to foresee the next intercontinental conference  - to be organized in Geneva- to focus on the same issue to be developed as in Barcelona, as it is also a matter of greatest interest to North American Cities.


§         A common wish of cities of both part of the Atlantic is to prepare more precisely the theme of the conferences by circulating in advance a list of questions to be studied so that all cities are sure to be interested by the various aspects of the selected topic.


§         US Cities will submit to Impacts Europe two dates for the Intercontinental Conference : an early one, probably in May, a later one at the beginning of November 2003.


§         The next subjects of interest proposed by the North American Cities for the future conferences are  : safety and tourism transportation.



3° News from NACTO


§         Andrea d’AMATO announced that at the end of the year an organizational directory of the people in charge in US Cities will be ready.


§         Miguel d’ESCOTO informed that NA       CTO is probably going to expand with new coming cities such as Washongton DC.


§         As far as freight management is concerned, New York City has expressed the wish to go on studying this theme in building a partnership with stakeholders referring to the FREDERIC  process for the European Cities.



4° Intercontinental IMPACTS’ s future


§         Laurence DOUVIN  proposed to Andrea d’AMATO to update the  MOU signed in 1998 in Philadelphia. This procedure has the one purpose to formalize an entity “Intercontinental Impacts” that can be refereed to.


A copy of the draft proposal  , very similar to the previous one,  will be submitted by Andrea d’AMATO to the NACTO Committee.



§         Laurence DOUVIN is nominated to the TRB Committee. This nomination will contribute to reinforce the links between North American entities and IMPACTS network.