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Conference: Berlin 2009

3-5 June 2009

Close the gap

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4th June 2009
Ingeborg Junge-Reyer Greetings from the Mayor, Ingeborg Junge-Reyer, Vice-Mayor & Senator for Urban Development, Berlin

Friedemann Kunst

Berlin is different... by Friedemann Kunst, Senate Department for Urban Development, Berlin

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Session 1 - The European Gap
Chair: Maria Krautzberger - Permanent secretary of State and President of IMPACTS
Diana Runge

Identifying the Gap: Ambitious policies - limited instruments, Diana Runge (standing in for Burkhard Horn), Senate Department for Urban Development, Berlin

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Vienna: Evaluation of Transport Master Plans - Angelika Winkler, Department for Transport Planning and Mobilty Strategies

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Franz-Xaver Soldner

The European Commission’s Green Paper Action Plan - Franz-Xaver Söldner, European Commission, Directorate-General for Energy and Transport Unit A4 - Clean transport & urban transport

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Chair:Karlheinz Hora - City of Vienna
Fabio Nussio

Close the Gap in Rome: Sustainable mobility plan fitting to EU directives. CONDUITS, STADIUM and the EU benchmarking need - Fabio Nussio, ATAC Rome

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Visnja Bedenko

Zagreb: Alternatives to Road Pricing in Urban Areas - Visnja Bedenko, City of Zagreb

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Rene Meijer

Amsterdam: Individual transport vs. sustainable development - Rene Meijer, City of Amsterdam

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5th June 2009
Chair: Friedemann Kunst, Senate department for Urban Development, Berlin
Ruedi Ott

Zurich: Mobility is Culture - a contribution to the overall quality of life Ruedi Ott, City of Zurich

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Julio Garcia Ramon

Barcelona - Transport Masterplan 2012 (2018) - Julio Garcia Ramon, City of Barcelona

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Frederic Bessat

Mathieu Iglesias

The Agglomeration Programme France-Valdo-Geneva - Frederic Bessat and Mathieu Iglesias, City of Geneva

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Chair: Dr. Ernst Andreas Hartmann - Institute for Innovation and Technology IIT
Dr Ernst Andreas Hartmann

Invention strategies: what is needed to make an innovation reality - Dr. Ernst Andreas Hartmann-Institute for innovation and Technology IIT; VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH

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Kevin Austin

London: The Electric Vehicle Initiative - Kevin Austin, Greater London Authority

No powerpoint presentation.

Patrick Lefebvre

Paris. The intercommunal project “Autolib” - Patrick Lefebvre, City of Paris

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Chair: Keith Gardner - Transport for London
Olli-Pekka Poutanen

Helsinki: Innovative road safety measures for cyclists and pedestrians - Olli-Pekka Poutanen, Director of Transportation and Traffic Planning Division

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Janett Buttner

Focus on Bike Sharing - General Input: Success factors for bike sharing in Europe. - Janett Büttner,choice GmbH Berlin

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Claude D'Argent

Showcase - Paris


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Elena Pla Pineda

Showcase - Barcelona

Bicing - Public bikes in Barcelona - Elena Pla Pineda, Municipality of Barcelona

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Keith Gardner

Showcase - London

The London Mayor’s Cycling Revolution - Keith Gardner, Transport for London

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