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Conference: Zagreb 2008

New Mobility Requirements within Existing and Expanding Urban Fabric

7-9 May 2008 - Zagreb, Croatia

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Registered Attendees

Proceedings - English (PDF Format)

Proceedings - French (PDF Format)



8th May
‘Sustainable mobility towards an improved quality of urban life’
by Visnja BEDENKO, Office of Strategic Planning, City of Zagreb
Download Article (Powerpoint - 13.7mb)
‘Forming a new urban grid within the existing urban fabric’ by Toni BILUS and Milena KUHTA, Office of Strategic Planning, City of Zagreb
Download Article (Powerpoint - 15.8mb)

Rome, ‘issues from city sprawling, mobility and environment’ Fabio NUSSIO Head of International Cooperation - ATAC SpA
Download Article (Powerpoint - 16.3mb)

Berlin, ‘Integration of transport and land use planning: useful instruments. Experiences from Berlin’. Friedemann KUNST, Head, Department of Transport Senatsverwaltung für Stadtentwicklung, Berlin
Download Article (Powerpoint - 17.3mb)
‘Project K2020 (Public Transport in 2020) setting the frame for the public transport system in the future’, by Jan RINMAN Deputy Director General, Director of Planning and Finance, City of Goteborg
Download Article (Powerpoint Show- 35.8mb)
‘Environment and mobility (focussing on small air pollution particles and means of curbing emissions within an holistic approach)’ by René MEIJER, Deputy Director for Traffic and Transportation, Amsterdam
Download Article (Powerpoint 8.3mb)

‘Congestion is not a fate’ by Frédy WITTWER, Director, directeur Mobilité recherche et cooperation, Geneva
Download Article (Powerpoint 1.2mb)

9th May
‘Integrated urban and mobility planning. The experience of Barcelona with 22@ and ‘La Marina’’ by Mr. Julio Garcia, Barcelona Head of Traffic Management.
Download Article (Powerpoint - 7.2mb)
‘Highlights from the new Strategic Plan for Ljubljana’ by Miran GAJSEK, Head of Department for Spatial Management
Download Article (Powerpoint - 32.7mb)

‘CATALIST - a project to foster the adoption of radical policies aiming to sustainable urban mobility' by Maurizio Tomassini, Director for Developments, ISIS Rome
Download Article (Powerpoint - 1.2mb)