Conference: London 2007

The effect of transport and mobility in cities on the environment and climate change

28 - 30 March 2007 - London, UK

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29th March
‘Tackling climate change: How London’s transport sector can contribute’ by Mark EVERS, Principal, Policy Unit, Office of the Commissioner
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‘What charging can do for the environment: the examples of London's congestion charging and low emission zones’ by Michele DIX, Director of Congestion Charging
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‘Reducing the environmental impacts of TfL’s bus and support fleet’ by Mike WESTON Operations Director
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Barcelona - Julio Garcia RAMON
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Paris - Claude DARGENT
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Plans for Berlin’s Environmental Zone Friedemann KUNST
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Review of vision and strategy reports on mobility and
environment/energy/resource issues Robert STUSSI
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30th March - Environment and Climate Change
Rome’s Action Plan to achieve the Kyoto Protocol
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Agenda 21 - its impact on transport planning
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