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Conference: Gothenburg 2014

14 - 16 May 2014

Managing Demand for Better Mobility in Cities

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15th May 2014

Welcome to Gothenburg

Session 1 : Welcome

Lena Malm Johan Nyhus

Welcome from Lord Mayor Lena Malm

Welcome from IMPACTS President Johan Nyhus

Stefan Eglinger

Keynote speaker:

A greater Gothenburg open to the world

Stefan Eglinger, City of Gothenburg

Download Presentation (PDF - 6.8mb)

Sofia Hellberg

Keynote speaker:

Managing demand through urban Development, transport strategy and strategy for a green city  

Gothenburg 2035

Sofia Hellberg, Gothenburg

Download Presentation (PDF - 3.3mb)

Session 2 :

Lilli Matson

Strategic approaches to managing London’s
roads – addressing urban mobility and place
making for the 21st century.

Lilli Matson, London

Download Presentation (PDF - 8mb)

STEP 2025: the new urban development plan of the city of Vienna.

Angelika Winkler, Vienna

Download Presentation (PDF 2.5mb)

Adria Gomila

The use of on-street parking:
A Managing Demand Tool

Adria Gomila, Barcelona

Download Presentation (PDF 2.6mb)

Wiard Kune

Improving mobility and public space -
Parking policy in Amsterdam

Wiard Kune, Amsterdam

Download Presentation (PDF 3.4mb)

Session 4

Niels Torslov

Carbon neutral by 2025? Pushing and pulling for contributions from transport

Niels Tørsløv, Copenhagen

Download Presentation (PDF 18.6mb)

Burkhard Horn

Overrun by success – new challenges for cycling policies in Berlin

Burkhard Horn, Berlin

Download Presentation (PDF 2mb)

16 May 2013
Session 5
Anders Svensson

RiverCity Gothenburg
Open to the world

Anders Svensson, Gothenburg

Download Presentation (PDF - 6.4mb)

Dominique Larrouy-Estevens

Improving Pedestrian Mobility in Paris - Traveller Shelters

Dominique Larrouy-Estevens, Paris

Download Presentation (PDF - 6mb)

Session 6 - Communicating with Citizens
Bernard le Roux

Congestion Tax Enquiry - Through Dialogue

Bernard le Roux, Gothenburg

Download presentation ( PDF 6.5mb)

Lukas Stocklinger

Smart City Wien – The Informational City

Lukas Stocklinger, Vienna

Download Presentation (PDF - 7.3mb)

Fabio Nussio

Rome’s Open Mobility Data Portal

Fabio Nussio, Rome

Download Presentation (PDF - 6mb)