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Conference: Copenhagen 2015

25-27 March 2015

Active Livability for Health and Environment Benefits

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Conference Summary (To follow)

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26th March 2015

Welcome to Copenhagen

Session 1 : Welcome

Jakob Hougaard

Welcome from Jakob Hougaard, Vice Chairman of The
Technical and Environmental Committee

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Brian Hansen Maria Wass-Danielsen

Keynote speakers:

City of Copenhagen by Brian Hansen and Maria
, Copenhagen

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Download Presentation 2 (PDF - 5.3mb)

Session 2 :

Burkhard Horn

“On the way to walkability: Berlins Walking Strategy” by
Burkhard Horn, Berlin

Download Presentation (PDF - 22mb)

“Implementation of Health-Targets in Vienna and the
contribution of urban planning“ by Angelika Winkler, Vienna

Download Presentation (PDF 3.5mb)

Adria Gomila

“Making Barcelona a Cycling City” by Adrià Gomila, Barcelona

Download Presentation (PDF 6mb)

Ria Hilhorst

“Make better use of parking places for bicycles – a delivery
approach in Amsterdam” by Ria Hilhorst

Download Presentation (PDF 6mb)

Session 4

Lilli Matson

“Understanding the growth in walking and cycling in London
and their role as part of our integrated transport network” by
Lilli Matson, London

Download Presentation (PDF 18.6mb)

Fabio Nussio

“The New General Traffi c Plan in Rome. Towards sustainable
and active mobility with health benefit” by Fabio Nussio,

Download Presentation (PDF 2mb)

27 March 2015
Session 5
Alan Alakula

“The omnipotence of free public transport” by Alan Alakula, Tallinn

Download Presentation (PDF - 1mb)

Claude Dargent

“A new plan to triple bike cycling in Paris by 2020” Claude
, Paris

Download Presentation (PDF - 4.5mb)

Session 6
Helle Soholt

“Cities for People - Measuring impact at eye level” Helle
, Gehl Architects

Download presentation ( PDF 18mb)

Sandra Piriz

“Evolution of public spaces in Geneva” Sandra Piriz, Geneva

Download Presentation (PDF - 6.5mb)

Malin Andersson

“Acceptance while creating a new city - and a new modal split”
by Malin Andersson, Gothenburg

Download Presentation (PDF - 4.3mb)