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Conference: Amsterdam 2017

8-9 June 2017

Managing Growth for a City in Balance

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Day One

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Day two


8th June 2017

Welcome to Amsterdam

Session 1 : Welcome and Managing Growth

Chair: Senta Modder

Senta Modder Pieter Litjens

Welcome by Senta Modder, President of IMPACTS

Welcome by Pieter Litjens, Alderman Traffic and Transport, City of Amsterdam

Luca Bertolini

Keynote speaker:

Luca Bertolini, University of Amsterdam
"Rethinking urban mobility"

Download Presentation (PDF 4.5mb)

Lilli Matson

"London’s new strategy for growth - Healthy Streets for Healthy People"

Lilli Matson, Transport for London

Presentation to follow

José Manuel Calvo del Olmo

“Overtaking the car. A new mobility model, for a new urban model"

José Manuel Calvo del Olmo, City of Madrid.

Download Presentation (PDF 4.4mb)

Session 2 : Managing Tourism Mobility

Chair: Branko Broekman

Fabio Nussio

"Managing Tourism Mobility in Rome: lessons from Jubilee and ITS role in the future"

Fabio Nussio, Roma Servizi per la mobilità Srl – Service Mobility Agency for the City of Rome

Download Presentation (PDF 6.5mb)

"Encouraging the emergence of an efficient and sustainable touristic mobility"

Claude Dargent, Conseiller de Paris and of
15th arrondissement

Download Presentation (PDF 1.7mb)


"Embracing growth while limiting adverse mobility effects"

Rick Batelaan, Traffi c and Public Space, City of Amsterdam

Download Presentation (PDF 5.9mb)

World Cafe

A creative session to generate useful ideas around the theme of Managing Tourism Mobility

9 June 2017

Session 3 - Managing Urban Freight Logistics

Chair: Lilli Matson

Burkhard Horn

“Urban Freight in Berlin: challenges and advantages of

Burkhard Horn, Senate Department for Environment,
Transport and Climate Protection Berlin

Download Presentation (PDF - 6.2mb)

Rosario Macario

“Matching innovative business models with urban logistic

Rosário Macário, City of Lisbon

Download Presentation (PDF - 2.5mb)

Adria Gomila

“New approaches to urban goods deliveries on-street and off street in Barcelona”

Adrià Gomila, City of Barcelona

Download Presentation (PDF - 5.7mb)

Session 4: Smart Mobility
(Including Self Driving Vehicles & Smart Pricing)

Chair: Ian Johnson

Rachel Tienkamp

"Smart mobility in Amsterdam"

Rachel Tienkamp, City of

Download Presentation (PDF - 2mb)

Jan Rinman

“Self driving cars - learning by doing”

Jan Rinman, City of Gothenburg

Download Presentation (PDF - 2.8mb)

Pierre Schmitz

“One Stop Mobility in Vienna”

Angelika Winkler – City of Vienna

Download Presentation (PDF - 6.8mb)