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Presentations: Amsterdam 2005

Documents presented at IMPACTS Amsterdam '05

(Files are in pdf format and classed by order of appearence at the conference)


- Programme & Conference organisation, Mr. Frans SOLLEVELD

- Amsterdam's heritage, development, challenges (1) & (2), Mr. VESCHUUREN

- Traffic & Transport Policy in Amsterdam region, Mr. Mark VAN DER HORST

- Traffic & Transport Policy in Amsterdam region, Mr. René MEIJER

- The pioneer: Oslo, Norway Mr. Ivar SORLIE

- London congestion charging, an assessment after two years, Ms. Michele DIX

- Open Space Conference, Mr. Hank KUNE

- The European Union "Fair payment for infrastructure use", Mr. Tom HOWES

- Dutch vision & Perspectives, Mr. Friso DE ZEEUW

- Rome access control: 5 years' experience (1) & (2), Ms Stefania DI SERIO

- Stockholm's congestion charging trial (1) & (2), Mr. Gunnar SÖDERHOLM

- Barcelona parking charging scheme in the city centre, Mr. Angel LOPEZ RODRIGUEZ

- Road charging scheme for heavy duty vehicles in Berlin, Dr. Friedemann KUNST

- Which political alternatives to urban road pricing?, Mr. Denis BAUPIN

- IMPACTS Intercontinental Conference in Seattle, Mr. Ilan JURAN

- Economic effects of road pricing, Mr. Wim KORVER

- Marginal cost and acceptability, Prof. Piet RIETVELD

- Do & don'ts, lessons learned from the M6 project in England (1) & (2) Mr. P. VAN WIJMEN

- Conclusions