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Vienna in Figures 2010

Smart Moves - Strategies and Measures
of Vienna’s Transport Policy - 2008 review of the Masterplan

Vienna Transport Masterplan 2003


Smart moves

A prospering metropolitan region like the “Vienna Region” lives through the activities of its citizens
and economy. Mobility is a key prerequisite towards this goal, although it must never impair the
current or future quality of life for the population.
The Transport Master Plan Vienna 2003 defines this need for mobility under the heading “intelligent
mobility” and prioritises “smart moves”. The following strategies can be derived from this claim:

  • “traffic reduction”: “mobility-reducing“ urban development minimises the length and number
    of trips undertaken by promoting local shopping or allowing for a combination of housing and
    work in close proximity.
  • “traffic redistribution”: it is an ambitious objective of the City of Vienna to shift the main thrust of traffic from motorised individual traffic to public transport and bike traffic.

In concrete figures, this means:

  • reducing private car traffic to 25 % of all journeys made by 2020,
  • increasing the share of bike traffic to 8 % by 2015,
  • increasing the share of public transport to 40 % by 2020, and
  • keeping the share of trips undertaken on foot at the current high level of 27 % until 2020.
    New challenges

City of Vienna

Tina Vienna

Vienna Metro