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Key transport figures

Paris is first of all...
2,142,800 inhabitants in 2004. It is 10,539 hectares: a very small part of France which spans over 54,396,500 hectares (543,965 km²), excluding overseas départements and territories
54.74 km in circumference (including two woods)
48°50’ north latitude, 2°20’ longitude
20 boroughs

1 outer ring road
35 km: the length of the ring road.
156 slip roads on the ring road, 6 interchanges.
99 surveillance cameras

Bicycles, trams, taxis…
7.9 km of tramlines along the inner ring road
1,451 Vélib’ stations (bicycles on a self-service basis) and 20,000 bicycles available at the end of 2007 
300 m: average distance between each Vélib’ station
370 km of cycle paths in Paris
30,000 parking spaces for two-wheeled vehicles
1.365 billion journeys per year in the Paris underground (in 2005)
800,000 parking spaces in inner Paris
15,200 taxis in circulation

Infrastructures and facilities
6,100 streets in Paris
13,260 crossroads
3,000 km: the total length of pavements
13 km of expressways on the right bank and 3.4 km on the left bank
33.7 km of inner ring road
4.4 km of Grands boulevards (between the Place de la Madeleine and the Place de la Bastille)
9,884 benches, 107 clocks and 1,856 bus shelter
109 Wallace public drinking fountains
 2,417 km sewers
30,000 litter bins

Paris France