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Influentual partners from different backgrounds offer the population a quality of life and a fairer deal, the partners free-valdo-Genevese developed a transborder Project of agglomeration.

Following the signing of the Charter of engagement on December 5, 2007, the agents of the Project began implementation


UITP 2013

Geneva has been chosen to host the World Congress of UITP in May 2013. A victory achieved through the work of TPG, the Palexpo in Geneva Hotel and Tourism.

"The Congress of the International Union of Public Transport is an unexpected window to show our know-how to the world," said Patrice Plojoux, Chairman of the Board of tpg. The economic impact of this event for the Geneva region will be very interesting. "

The Congress of the International Union of Public Transport (UITP)

It takes place every two years is indeed the largest gathering related to public transport in the world. It has about 4,000 professionals in six days and exposed more than 30,000 m2.

The tpg who were already candidates to contest for the 2005 and had not been selected, decided in September 2008, a new start for 2013.

The selection

The selection process lasted more than six months. On the final short list included the cities of Brussels, Porto and Geneva. The decision is dropped April 15, 2009.
"We were pleased to learn that victory, even if we were convinced to have the best record," says Patrice Plojoux. It's like the Olympics, sometimes there are uncontrollable variables that come into play. "

According to the UITP is above all the involvement of the Geneva delegation that convinced.

"We have done an excellent teamwork with Palexpo, Geneva Tourism and hotel, says Eric Kleiman, director marketing and sales promotion tpg. Together we were able to show a positive image of Geneva. "

Vienna 2009, Dubai 2011 and Geneva in 2013!

If by 2013 still seems far away, the tpg have already tackled the task.

UITP Congress in Vienna in June, the tpg have presented a small stand, but in Dubai in 2011, a stand of 100 m2 that tpg will present their know-how.

"All this is certainly a lot of work, said Patrice Plojoux. But the organization of this event offers a wonderful exchange card to Geneva and TPG. "


City of Geneva

Public Transport in Geneva