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News 2010

WWF conference

Everything you ever wanted to know about
Sustainable Urban developments -objectives, implementation,
results and learnings

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Tuesday, November 16th 2010
Geneva (Switzerland), Palexpo


30 November & 1 December 2010
The URBACT Annual Conference will take place in Liège in Belgium, from Tuesday 30 November noon to Wednesday 1 December noon.


Welcome to our newest member, Lisbon

In 2010 Lisbon joined as a new member.


CITIES FOR EVERYONE: Liveable, Healthy, Prosperous
Promising vision or unrealistic fantasy?

The role of Urban Planning and Urban Technologies on the path towards improved Quality of Live, Health, Sustainability and Prosperity in our Cities

will be the topic of

REAL CORP 2010 - 15th International Conference on Urban Planning, Regional Development and Information Society

in Vienna / Austria from 18 - 20 May 2010,

News 2009

A new call for proposals was posted at inviting cities to get involved in a new URBACT Working Group that will focus on the practical implementation of the Leipzig Charter. This Working Group will work closely with the group of Member States to develop a reference framework for sustainable and inclusive cities.

58th UITP World Congress and Mobility & City Transport Exhibition - Vienna
7-11 June 2009

The European Commission has produced a Green Paper on the future form and content of the Trans European Transport Network (TEN-T). Consultation will run from 4 February until 30 April 2009.

12 to 15 May, the Brussels Capital-Region, in cooperation with the ECF (European Cyclists' Federation), is holding the biggest international Cycling conference. The conference will take place at Tour & Taxi in Brussels. ( homepage-en.html)

Polis welcomes the adoption by the European Parliament of a report on an action plan on urban mobility

Polis, the European network of cities and regions supporting innovation in local transport, welcomes the vote of the European Parliament report on an action plan on urban mobility.

According to Councillor Francesc Narvaez from Barcelona, the current president of Polis, this report is "an important milestone towards the implementation of a coherent and comprehensive European policy on urban mobility".

Councillor Narvaez added that under the impulsion of MEP Gilles Savary (PES), and thanks to the cooperation of all parties in the Transport Committee, the European Parliament has delivered a text of high quality. The report adopted last Thursday 23rd of April indicates the next steps for the consolidation of this policy on urban mobility.

The first step should be the adoption by the European Commission of the Action Plan on urban mobility itself. Polis members hope that this will be an opportunity for the European Commission to confirm its commitment to the CIVITAS programme, as stated in the report of the European Parliament, and that new projects will be funded during the second half of FP7.

Councillor Narvaez also expresses his hope that as suggested by the European Parliament, the current policy trend "will pave the way towards the creation of a new European financial instrument for urban mobility in the future financial perspectives".

The improvement of urban mobility is critical for the achievement of several objectives of the European Union, for instance on climate change and on the competitiveness of our economies, and can contribute significantly the European objectives of economic recovery.

Polis members call for the achievement of the new urban mobility culture and for this purpose also welcome the emphasis of the Parliament's report on public transport and soft modes.

Polis member Stéphane Coppey, Président of Tisséo (Toulouse) insists that he hopes that the upcoming action plan which is expected to follow the vote of the European Parliament "will support public transport, soft modes such as walking and cycling, and help to improve intermodality".

You can consult Polis position on the action plan on urban mobility [here]. regional_policy/ consultation/terco/index_en.htm

News 2008

POLIS conference 24-26 November 2008.

IMPACTS Europe 12th Annual Conference 2008 - Zagreb

Citizens and Mobility Management Conference - Madrid Sept 29th - Oct 1st 2008

Freight Innovative Delivery in European Urban Space: FIDEUS Forum
Lyon - France
9th April 2008

The second and last FIDEUS Forum took place on 9 April 2008. It was organised by URBA 2000 for IMPACTS and it was a very successful: about 40 participants representing, at a high level, all categories of stakeholders.

You can access all the documents (Agenda, Participants' list, proceedings and presentations) from the URBA 2000 website at the following address:



Large cities’ decision-makers are urged to find efficient solutions to reduce the environmental impacts of  freight deliveries to keep their cities “liveable” while at the same time allowing an efficient distribution logistics.

After the FREDERIC project devoted to urban freight deliveries, IMPACTS Europe has been involved in the FIDEUS  project (Freight Innovative Delivery in European Urban Space) as member of the Consortium

FIDEUS has focused on the designing of  three vehicle types in line with a sustainable mobility policy. These prototypes have been tested in Hanover, Lyon and Barcelona.

To view the FIDEUS brochure, click here.

As we are now at the final stage of the project, a last forum took place in Lyon on 9th April. This forum will be the occasion to present the outcomes of the project to a wide range of urban freight factors.

IMPACTS to host Round Table session at FEDRE, Geneva, Switzerland
24th January 2008